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Images of New Zealand

The Kaikoura coast. Cetaceans all over the place.

Rush-hour, South Island.

Typically magnificent scenery, Queenstown area.

Typically cute Kaikoura seals.

A brilliantly ugly Northern Giant-Petrel, Kaikoura, and a few Cape Pigeons (petrels, actually).

Front end of Fox Glacier - actually advancing, as if to prove that this is merely a warm snap during the current ice-age.

Weka thinking that Doreen has food. We're too eco-sound for that, matey.

Lake Pukaiki; a bit low at the moment, causing widespread consternation in hydro-powered, non-nuclear NZ.

Cute as the dickens Kea, the world's only alpine parrot.

Not so damn cute when he's ripping your window edging to bits.

Dawn hits Glenorchy; the Yellowhead hides.

A small wave smashes Pancake Rocks, Punakaiki. Missed the really big ones.

Wandering Albatross. Thanks to DNA analysis, now known as Gibson's. Or Antipodean. Or Snowy.

The beautiful, endangered Kaka.

Another shot of mean and moody Lake Pukaiki, looking rather low.

Three (or possibly four) types of pelagic bird arguing over some tasty fish liver.

The cheeky Weka, still hoping for a snack.

French Pass in a rare, non-rainy moment. The last 500 King Shags are nesting on the horizon.

Crap picture of the amazing pod of Dusky Dolphins that passed by our boat.

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