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More images of Thailand

Dawn rises majestically over Doi Inthanon. Meanwhile, while we fail to find the White-rumped Falcon.

Morning sun on Wat Ban Ping, Chiang Mai.

Scary showroom dummies, Chiang Mai. This seems to be developing into a theme, doesn't it?

You see these lovely spirit houses outside almost every home.

Back end of Wat Lamchang (just round the corner from the hotel, actually).

The mighty Wachiratan Falls, Doi Inthanon.

The very wonderful Malee, owner of Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalows in Doi Chiang Dao - the nicest place we've stayed.

More Chiang Mai spirit houses, taken at random (also just round the corner from the hotel, actually).

Wat Chai Si Phun, Chiang Mai, just outside the city walls.

Always a good sign.

Shiny new space-age Wat, Doi Inthanon.

Malee's helper Lin, and the extremely jealous Sanookie. Don't pet the other dogs while he's around.

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